Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

By Crystal January 28, 2020

Some people have the chance to move out of the house while work is being carried out by They may rent somewhere or stay at some friends or relatives. But for most of us it is not an option. Some people choose to live in their house while the home renovations are being done. Largely, it is the scope of works and client budgets that determine if there is an option to go. Renovations are never quick and can go on for months on end. So how do you cope with the noise, dust, and mess without losing your mind? Well, […]

Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2019

By Crystal January 5, 2020

We rang in the New Year this week and brought another year to a close. 2019 was undoubtedly . . . a year. While the general consensus is that the year could have been better on a lot of fronts, it was a great year for kitchens! Sure, the old and classics are here to stay. There aren’t many people tiring of the white kitchen design, for instance. But the year also brought some new and exciting things to the table. So before we really say goodbye to 2019, let’s wrap up the last year by looking back at some of […]