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Jenny Folder, President and Founder of Corner Cabinets, has had it with unreliable contractors. Having owned many rental properties and needing remodeling contractors quite often, she’d seen it all: from missed appointments to stolen deposits, and having to deal with exorbitant additional costs & terrible work. Being the creative person she is, Jenny decided to develop an impartial service specialized uniquely in remodeling and construction. The goal: assist homeowners or building owners with their renovation or construction dreams – with a human service – all while minimizing risks.
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Our Mission

Better the experience for each of our clients dealing with renovations or construction projects, with the help of tools, techniques, and continualy evolving practices.

360 Verified Contractor

Our contractor audit is the best in the industry!

Contractor Confidence Index

When we refer you to a contractor, we send their full verification report to you

Perfect Match Tools

Our expertise, alongside our Perfect Match tools, ensures that we refer only the best contractors for your specific renovation project

Getting conned into paying thousands of dollars, needing to get work redone, or taking your contractor to court are all terrible experiences no one wants to deal with! These are the reasons we will do all that is humanly possible to ensure you don’t have to go through anything similar. We help you and answer any and all question you may have. Minimizing homeowners’ risks by referring them good contractors. The most complete audit process in the industry. Valuing the best contractors in the industry Besides having to go through a rigorous process to join our elite group of Verified Contractors, our team is constantly ensuring each contractor remains qualified to be fit there. We make sure we only work with the best around!
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